Everything the human eye sees is transformed by the brain into information.

Pragma Etimos develops software aimed at the analysis of visual data streams (video and images) that, through Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies and algorithms, are able to identify vehicles, license plates, objects of various kinds, colors, people, animals and extract various information.

We simplify and speed up your work by analyzing large visual flows without the need for operator intervention.

Pragma Etimos - Computer vision - Visible - Servizi

what are the services?

Intelligent video recognition

Check facial features of people even within groups

Face/name matching

Pragma Etimos - Computer vision - Visible- vantaggi

what are the benefits?

Facilitate your work by searching according to the filters chosen

Reduces work time by analyzing multiple data streams simultaneously

Pragma Etimos - Computer vision - Visible - piattaforme

on which platforms?

Our solutions are available for different architectures:

Web Services Client/Server, Standalone

Get useful information from your videos

Other Solutions

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