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In today’s context people are unaware that in the collection of information, they create unstructured data.

This involves a considerable waste of time for all companies that need to transfer structured information within their databases, fundamental for analysis and to create effective business strategies .

Pragma Etimos develops Data Intelligence Tools with the aim of transforming large masses of data into strategic information.

Servizi- Data Intelligence- Tangible

what are the services?

Intelligent classification and correlation of acquired data in precise information domains

Semantic clustering

Sentiment Analysis

Vantaggi- Data Intelligence- Tangible

what are the benefits?

Usable data of quality

Database enriched with consistent, verified and complete data

Reduce your time and costs

Piattaforme - Data Intelligence- Tangible

on which platforms?

Our solutions are available for different architectures:

Web Services

Turn your data into strategic information

Other Solutions