Pragma Etimos develops multi-level tools for the definition of «vocal footprints» and the recognition of voices extracted from audio files, regardless of source and quality.

Each sound leaves a voice print that our brain is able to analyze and categorize.

But what if the audio is disturbed or impossible to understand? From that data we can no longer get useful information.

Starting from the genetics of sound and reconstructing the voice imprint of sound, formed by more “Audiosomes” (DNA, the true essence of sound), we derive information on which to base effective analysis and strategic.

Pragma Etimos - impronta vocale - Audible- servizi

What are the services?

Intelligent voice identification

Language, gender and age identification

Detection of voice activity

Pragma Etimos - impronta vocale - Audible- vantaggi

what are the benefits?

Get survey data even from poor quality, disturbed audio

Get additional information from audio file analysis

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on which platforms?

Our solutions are available for different architectures:

Web Services, Client/Server, Standalone


Other Solutions

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