Collaboration between technology companies and academic institutions has proven to be a driving force for innovation and development.

This synergy, fueled by the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills, often leads to the creation of advanced solutions that positively impact society and the labor market.

With this in mind, the scientific meeting between Pragma Etimos and the Institute of Studies of Vibo Valentia, will characterize the Research and Design activity of the Institute with the aim of experimentation and research of the scale-up company, which has been projected for some time now into technological solutions even overseas, in the complex world of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Protection.

The context of the collaboration

Pragma Etimos’ research efforts have increasingly focused on the needs of ethical exploitation of the resources produced by Artificial Intelligence and which continue to see man and not machine at the center of the scene, according to the imprinting of Digital Philosopher Gaetano Lo Presti, CEO of the Company.

A model that is shared and supported by the university world and, in this specific case, by the Rector of the Vibonese Institute, Prof. Saverio Fortunato, who has been engaged for years in the field of research and interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study of criminal sciences.

In this context, the two partners will have as their primary objective to test and improve technological solutions already present on the market and which, in the scientific educational context, will be applied to models at the service of Institutions, Public Administrations, the judicial universe, the legal profession and elite investigations.

The opportunities of synergy

  • Train students through advanced teaching protocols in synergy with the world of entrepreneurship and technological innovation, especially with start-ups and scale-ups that are intertwined with youth training and the integration into the world of work of young graduates;
  • Carry out multi-technological projects and tools with private partners;
  • Start internships and internships to complement the study plan;
  • To bring university excellence directly into the world of work;
  • Produce scientific literature on topics of particular relevance in the field of new digital technologies;
  • Demonstrate the essentiality of human intelligence in every sector of use of technologies facilitated by algorithms and computers produced by Artificial Intelligence.

Why this collaboration?

The results to be obtained can be summarized as follows:

  1. Innovative research: through synergy on joint research projects, cutting-edge solutions will be enhanced that will contribute to solving complex challenges within the field of “Criminology and Intelligence“.
  2. Advanced and innovative services for the sector: the meeting between experts and students will have the dual objective of obtaining enhanced solutions from the point of view of performance and, at the same time, will allow the training of the resources of the future.
  3. Training of excellence: students of the University of Vibo Valentia will be given the opportunity of practical laboratory learning provided by Pragma Etimos.
  4. Talent attraction: the collaboration will allow students to concretely observe the tools of their work and have an overview of how it works.


The collaboration between Pragma Etimos and the University of Vibo Valentia can be a winning opportunity for both parties involved.

Through the exchange of knowledge, resources and skills, it is possible to achieve innovative results that contribute to technological progress and higher education for young people.

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